RAPTOR Meeting: May 12, 2012

RIT, 9 am to noon

Introductions and Collegial Conversation

Lessons From Our Students: Response from the 2011 NYS Regents Physics Exam

Dr. Joe Zawicki, SUNY Buffalo State College
T. Johnson, Western New York Regional Information Center

Practice questions -- consider whiteboarding / peer discourse when % correct is between 15% and 85%
Great resource for misconceptions: Physics Classroom - Minds on Physics

Dr. Tom Altman, Oswego High School

Youtube Video Channel
Altman Science

Regents Review: Every night students do a Regents Physics Exam page, and can use Dr. Altman's Youtube videos as a resource as they do the problems, writing down everything Dr. Altman writes down. Then they also write down a quote from the video.

Resources You Can't Teach Without

American Science and Surplus

Bouncy Ball Lab

Bounce the ball, record how high it goes after one bounce, after two bounces, three bounces, etc. through 10.
Graph bounce height vs. # of bounces when dropped from a set height. Shows real life data can be reflected graphically.

Slinky Lab

Longitudinal vs. Transverse waves, Hooke's Law, etc.
AP: Correlating Hooke's Law to SHM, tape bouncy ball to slinky and do correlation between SHM and mass of ball as a function of the spring constant. (T=2*Pi*Sqrt(m/k)) As students own it, they want to be able to explain it.

States of Matter

Bride and Groom Bubbles (Rainbows / Soap Bubbles)
Crystals for solids (grow rock candy)
Bubbles for liquids (surface tension)
Gases (balloons)

Polymers / States of Matter (Glowing String)

Super-sticky stuff. Wash in soapy water and air dry when it gets covered with dust.
Launch across room by stretching. Launch back half and it goes better because it has more momentum. Good tie-in to Newton's 2nd Law and Momentum.

Flash Rainbow Ball (RI Novelty)

Inertial switch

3-D Fireworks Glasses (Spectral Glasses)

Roughly $.10 each in packs of 1000
Teach spectral lines
Use as diffraction gratings -- red laser to find gap spacing, then green laser to find wavelength using gap spacing

Light-Up Dragon Fly

Just fun, LEDs, fluoresces

Rattlesnake Eggs (Magnets)

Magnets -- separate a little bit to get a swishing sound (rock back and forth)
What happens when they bang together? same as bouncy ball getting closer to ground
Repulsion -- what's really happening? Why? Promotes deeper thinking -- ask what's happening inside.

Motors and White and Red LEDs

DC motor attach to one end to light it up (use as generator)-- directional functionality, so place LEDs in parallel back-to-back. Twist motor one way -- red on. Twist other way -- white on.

Obtains them from DealExtreme.com. Very long lead times.

Magnetic Skateboard Wheels

Pickup coils between hub and wheel attached to LEDs
Mount with bearings and seat so it works well


Shine through rainbow glasses
green lasers (brighter)
Spin grating(s) on motor with laser
E-Mail for laser e-book
Many Youtube videos on these topics Channel Starcross42