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The Rochester Area Physics Teacher's Out-Reach group (RAPTOR) is developing this wikispace to provide a place for New York State physics teachers to collaborate in developing physics lessons that are aligned with New York States Common Core Standards Shifts in ELA and Math. Resources that have been presented at RAPTOR meetings in Rochester, New York will be placed on this wiki for any teachers to use as they begin to make their new unit plans.

All resources are free to download and use by any teachers, if you wish to contribute your lessons to this wiki you will need to email the wiki organizers with your information in order to be allowed to contribute.

If you're simply looking for some "pretty good" physics lessons and lab activity's be sure to visit Paul Lulai's Pretty Good Physics Wikispace and the APlusPhysics Downloads Page.

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Kinematics Activities
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Momentum Activities
Work, Energy, Power Activities
Electrostatics Activities
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Wave & Optics Activities
Modern Physics Activities
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